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Rice field in rural Philippines

I am a Philippine trained family doctor working as a general practitioner (GP) in Australia. My country of origin is the Philippines where I worked as family physician and toxicologist for 10 years before migrating to Australia, and now on my 10th year working as a GP.

Having worked with the best family medicine and toxicology mentors in the Philippines and being constantly engaged with passionate GP collegues in Australia  have inspired me to continue learning, sharing, teaching, and advocating primary health care, healthy,  and simple living.  This  space is all about tales I have experienced throughout the years as a primary health doctor, and as  a frugal geek OFW (Overseas Filipino Worker).

BUKIDOK is based on two Filipino terms, bukid meaning farming village and doktor meaning doctor, village doctor. The potentials I see in the village doctors in the Philippines and the passion of rural doctors in Australia have been inspiring me to connect with family practitioners or GPs of  both worlds. This blog contains reflections of my personal medical encounters throughout my medical career, and how my family lived a simple life to achieve our goals.  Interesting stories from collegues and friends will also be included in this space.

Overall intention  of this blog is to inspire, inform, and educate the reader.  This will in no way replace  professional medical consultation with your doctor.


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